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The wonderful Jordanian crafts, souvenirs and Dead Sea cosmetics

Ya Ahlan wa Sahlan! in our online store The variety of the services and products we proudly provide have expanded enormously throughout the years, to include Antiques,Mosaics, Ceramics, Ceramic Sheet Paint Dot, Ostrich Eggs, Jewels, Silk Carpets, Mother Of Pearl and Dead Sea Products, to satisfy our clients. All products in our websites are handmade products made with different techniques which make every Item a special and unique one.

maydaba.com is owned and managed by “Mosaic Company For E-Marketing”, We are committed to excellent originality and quality in our products and services. We welcome you in our bazaar to venture and suit yourself for a unique memorabilia and start your own family heirloom.


Our company provides a number of services to our customers in addition to our unique features:

1 – Hundreds of unique products
2 – We can provide you a special custom order for any size you want
3 – We use unique Stones for our products
4 – Secure payment process for any credit cards
5 – Fast shipping
6 – No compettiors

Why Jordan, Madaba :

Madaba recorded as number two in world wide in crafts after Italy

the oldest cartographic depiction of the Holy Land is in mosaic form and housed in the Church of St. George. The Madaba Map dates to the 6th century and was originally over 16m long and 6m wide. The central part (of what remains) focuses on the city of Jerusalem. It was discovered in 1894 during construction of a Greek Orthodox Church.

For more information about this please visit this site https://matadornetwork.com/trips/10-impressive-mosaics-world/